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DTS-L is a private mailing list used by a group of  for the trading online purpose of collaborating to find the solutions to your computer problems. They can be found in. MVPs are independent, so they do not speak for Microsoft. DTS-L members, like all MVPs, are all about helping you, especially when using Microsoft software like Windows XP or Microsoft Office.


Although we're available via the Microsoft Technical Communities, for ease of use we recommend that you use your NNTP reader, the same one you use for email, Outlook Express, or equivalent. If you click this link Start Reading NNTP you will see how the Windows XP forum looks in Outlook Express.


Alex NicholOne of our most respected colleagues passed away March 9, 2005, losing a courageous battle with cancer. Alex Nichol was one the pioneers of computer science, retired but he never lost his edge. His article on Virtual Memory in Windows XP is the definitive reference to this day. Alex will never be forgotten by those of us who were privileged enough to call him a friend and by the thousands of people all over the world whom he helped with his vast computer knowledge, which he invariably imparted with patience, grace and wry humour. A few times in one's life a special person comes along who embodies everything good and nothing bad about the human spirit, that was Alex. He made everyone feel special and everyone who was touched by him knows they are better for it The world is a poorer place without Alex. We miss you.


Kelly's Korner



Microsoft MVPs, like Kelly Theriot, author of Kelly's Korner, one of the web's premier XP support websites, and the rest of the members of DTS-L are leaders in these forums, helping users with Microsoft products, as well as helping you to solve almost any computer problem.



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